PENYGHENT CLAY SHOOTING CLUB Clay Shooting In The Yorkshire Dales
PENYGHENT CLAY SHOOTING CLUBClay Shooting In The Yorkshire Dales

Shooting Events 2022.

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Sunday 9th January,    CRAG HILL,    Sporting,     1pm

Sunday 30th January,   HORTON QUARRY,      DTL   1pm

Saturday 5th February,  Annual Dinner,Knights Table  7:30pm

Sunday 20th February,  BEECROFT FARM,  Sporting,  1pm

Sunday 13th March,    RING POT PASTURE,  Sporting   1pm

Saturday 2nd April,      Kelbrook Shooting Ground.     10am

Sunday 17th April,     HORTON QUARRY,      DTL     1pm

Sunday 8th May,       AWAY DAY      TBA      10am

Sunday 15th May,     HORTON QUARRY, Sporting    1pm

Sunday 5th June,     JOP RIDDING FARM,     Sporting   1pm

Sunday 19th June,   CRAG HILL FARM,   Sporting   1pm

Sunday 3rd July,       CRAG HILL FARM,     DTL     1pm

Sunday 10th July,     RING POT PASTURE,  Sporting   1pm

Sunday 24th July,     CRAG HILL FARM,      DTL      1pm

Sunday 7th August,   RING POT PASTURE,  Sporting   1pm

Sunday 21st August,  JOP RIDDING FARM,   Sporting  1pm

Saturday 28th August,  AWAY DAY    TBA     10:30am

Sunday 4th Sept       SOUTH HOUSE FARM    Sporting  1pm

Saturday 18th Sept,   RING POT PASTURE,  Sporting   1pm

Sunday 2nd October,   AWAY DAY      TBA      10am

Sunday 16th October, SOUTH HOUSE FARM  Sporting  1pm

Sunday 6th November,  DOUK GILL SCAR,  Sporting  1pm

Sunday 4th December,   BEECROFT FARM,    Sporting  1pm

Sunday 18th December,  HORTON QUARRY,   Sporting  1pm Xmas Shoot - Bring a prize, Win a prize.